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1 Our Lady of Perpetual Help 146 S. Pitney Road Saint Nicholas Church + Galloway, NJ Church of the Assumption On the Web: Parish Staff Rev. Nicholas Dudo... Pastor Rev. Vincent Orum AJ... Parochial Vicar Rev. Armando Rodriguez Montoya...Hispanic Ministries Rev. Yvans Jazon... Hai an Ministry Mr. Frank Cerullo...Permanent Deacon Mr. Michael Guerrieri...Permanent Deacon Kristy Torres... Bookkeeper Joe Picardi... Administra ve Assistant Nancy Riddell... Dir. of Youth Faith Forma on Terri Moncrief... Religious Educa on Secretary Rich Sooy...Maintenance Supervisor Donna Marie Berchtold......Music Director Mass Schedule ASSUMPTION CHURCH 146 S. Pitney Road Galloway, NJ Saturday Evening... 4:00 pm Sunday... 8:30 & 11:00 am Holy Days... as announced in the bulle n Weekdays Monday - Friday... 8:00 am Tuesday, Thursday... 12:15 pm ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH 525 St. Louis Ave. Egg Harbor, NJ Saturday Evening... 4:30 pm (English) Sunday... 8:45 am (English) Sunday... 10:30 am (Spanish) Holy Days... as announced in the bulle n Weekdays Monday, Wednesday, Friday... 7:00 am Spanish Mass... Tuesdays, 6:30pm Religious Education Phone ext. 208 Fax Hours Monday-Wednesday... 7:00 am - 4:00 pm Thursday... 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sacraments BAPTISMS: Arrangements must be made through the parish office. PRE-BAPTISM WORKSHOPS: Pre-registra on is required through the parish office. CONFESSIONS: Saturdays at 3:00 pm - Assump on Church; Saturdays at 3:30 pm - St. Nicholas Church or by appointment with a priest. MATRIMONY: Arrangements must be made one year in advance. Please call the parish office to make an appointment with one of our parish priests. LOW-GLUTEN HOSTS ARE available at both of our parish's worship sites. Please see an usher 15 minutes before Mass for further instruc ons. For your convenience, our parish now par cipates in ELECTRONIC GIVING Visit our website and click on the Parish Giving logo on the le side for further informa on. SERVICIO PASTORAL A LA COMUNIDAD HISPANA Misa dominical a las 10:30 am en la iglesia. Ultreya de Cursillo todos los Martes a las 7:30 pm. Misa a las 6:30 pm en español. Confesión antes de la misa o por la cita con el sacerdote. PARISH CENTER 146 S. Pitney Road, Bldg 1, Galloway, NJ Phone Fax Hours... 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Assumption Regional Catholic School Information 146 S. Pitney Road, Galloway, NJ Mary Ellen Schurtz, Principal Phone Fax On the Web... arcsgalloway.org Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time August 28, 2016

2 MASS INTENTIONS SATURDAY, August 27, :00 PM (A) Carmen Rongione Jr./ Family 4:30 PM (SN) Costa Family Katelyn Elwell/ Alfred Rundio Grayce McConville/ Donna & Albert Butterhof SUNDAY, August 28, :30 AM (A) Ron Garbutt Sr. / Wife and Family Mary Ann Gatto/ Mom Gatto Dan Bartolini / Rich and Kitty McMahan Gerry Hand / Dolores Garbutt Al Realo/ Lou & Catherine Grote Carmen Diodoardo/ Mr.& Mrs. Diodorado 8:45 AM (SN) George Hyland/ Maria and Jay Pierpont 10:30 AM (SN) Mariano Vargas/ Daughter Marisol Hipolito Reyes/ Irma Rivera y Hijos Albita C. Albino/ M/M Tony Ruiz 11:00 AM (A) Brandon Lagarde / Decker Family 12:45 PM (A) Mass in Creole (Haitian Community) MONDAY, August 29, :00 AM (SN) Costa Family (A) Mary Ann Gatto/ Anthony & Nancy Amatuzio TUESDAY, August 30, 2016 (A) Gerry Hand/ Joe & Edith Victor 12:15 PM (A) Gerry Hand/ Pomponio Pofi 6:30 PM (SN) People of the Parish WEDNESDAY, August 31, :00 AM (SN) People of the Parish (A) Gerry Hand/ Sally, Tina & Ginny THURSDAY, September 1, 2016 (A) Harold (Randy) Hagar/ Pat Jasinski & Lynn Rugg 12:15 PM (A) Gerry Hand/ John & Alice DaGrosa FRIDAY, September 2, :00 AM (SN) All those special intentions left at the shrine (A) Lorraine Kolb/ Carrie & Erv Schwarzman SATURDAY, September 3, :00 AM (A) John Kmetz/ Joe & Gloria Vadovic 4:00 PM (A) Jennie Hahn/ Mary & AnnieMcCarthy 4:30 PM (SN) Katelyn Elwell/ Bob, Kathy & Jonathon Sense SUNDAY, September 4, :30 AM (A) Kristin Byra/ Michael Feeney 8:45 AM (SN) Anthony Capille/ Maria & Jay George Boyd, Sr./ Gary, Vivian & Gary Jr Haes Gene Montecalvo/ Gloria, Lori & Ed Eddy Grayce Anne McConville/ George & Elaine Frick Domenico Russano/ Darrell & Sandra Perna 10:30 AM (SN) Kathia Cruz/ Parents Hipolito Reyes/ Irma Rivera & Children Birth of the Holy Mother 11:00 AM (A) Nancy King/ Jordal Family Chuck Doerr/ Wife Pat Andrea Chen/ Cookie Melendez Anthony Rapolla/ Assumption Regional Catholic School Joanne Hill/ Day Family Pasquale Pagliuco/ Fran Holloway 12:45 PM (A) Mass in Creole (Haitian Community) ALTAR LINENS: St. Nicholas Church September Marie Galli READINGS FOR SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2016 WISDOM: 9:13-18B (129C) PHILEMON: 9-10, GOSPEL: LUKE 14:25-33 Pray For Our Sick Let us remember the sick of our community that they may receive healing of body, soul and spirit Andy Mahieu, Tom Iannaccio, Melvin Manning, Margaret Butler, Caroline McClure, Carmen Ramirez, Jessica Weeks George Link, Abel Pencheff, Joseph Banger, Carlos Rivera, Emil Cypra, Joanne Gazo, Joseph LoPiccolo, Luke Thomas Colluzzi, Dorothy Young, Roy Havelin, Sharon Armhold, Brennan Camp, Betty Ann Rundio, Ronald Clarke, Esther Frontuto, Judy Medrano, Ronnie Garbutt Jr, Mary Emma Sartorio, John Guerra, Jim Colaianni, Marcia Ireland, Blaise Verret, Nick DeMatteo, Peter Perry, Maria Grecia Loracle, Maria & Charles Conrad, Donald & Patricia Venice, Nancy, Teddy and Arnie Cunningham, Donald Sandberg, Irene Dingman, Emma Diegelman, Joseph Husta, Cecelia LeFevre, Leo Gaudette, Lillian Smith, Betty Zakopcsan, Debbie D Olio, Sylvia DiIanni, Gerry Campbell, Marilyn Ann Kahill, Jay Darcey, Flo Pagliuco, Keith Steffler, Holly Taggart, Jackie Bauman, Jack Guenther, Rene Doan, Tom Jordan, Jr., Christine Logan, Gabe Ingegneri, Carmen Pencheff, Mary Merline, John McCarthy and Madeline Salemi. COMMUNION SERVICE Every Saturday at 8:00 am, St. Nicholas Church. All are welcomed. ALTAR & ROSARY SOCIETY Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm, St. Nicholas Church Grotto to pray the rosary for the summer months. Please bring a lawn chair. CAP CLASSES The schedule can be found on the Diocesan website: if you would like to attend a class or call ADORATION OF THE MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT is held weekly on Wednesdays (A) from 8:30 am ending with Benediction at 6:00 pm. If you would like to volunteer, please call the parish office. CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUPS Meets every week at two locations. Monday s at 7:30 pm, St. Nicholas Rectory and Wednesdays at 7:15 pm, Assumption s Church Narthex. MONTHLY ROSARY - We invite everyone to come to our first Friday of the month Rosary at 7:00 pm, Assumption site Chapel Next rosary will be September 2, THE SANCTUARY CANDLES This week (ST NICHOLAS - CHURCH) In memory of Doris Bauman Requested by: Mom (ASSUMPTION - CHAPEL) In memory of Hiliara Fiorella Requested by: Judy & Jennifer Medrano (ASSUMPTION - CHURCH) In memory of Grandpa Rudy Santo Requested by: Messina, Miralga & Rotberg Families

3 Pastor s Corner Bear much fruit and Be my Disciple! Be my Disciple and Bear much fruit! Throughout the Bible there are many references made to festivals and banquets and celebrations. In the Gospel this Sunday Jesus uses the experience of a banquet to drive home two points. During a dinner held by one of the Pharisees, Jesus uses a parable about a wedding feast to elicit a teaching on humility. He explains that our attitude in life should reflect a humble spirit, being more concerned about building up others than with building up ourselves. In that way we would never risk the embarrassment of getting knocked down a peg for being egotistical or self-centered. As we hear in the first reading; humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find favor with God. He then instructs His host as to who should be invited to a festival. Jesus says that the guests should not be people who have the ability to repay the invitation with a party of their own. Rather, the poor and lame should be welcomed to the meal so that the repayment does not come from them, but will be awarded at the resurrection of the righteous. Humility and charity are two pillars of a holy life. Two other key supports in our road to becoming saints are chastity and reverence. With these four virtues we would be well on our way to experiencing the ultimate celebration the Heavenly Banquet in the city of the living God with countless angels in festal gathering, and the assembly of the firstborn. Speaking of parties, our parish festival is 3 weeks away! Sunday September 18, 1-4 PM. Our Festival Committee a group of faithful, dedicated parishioners has been diligently working for over 6 months to plan this celebration. They have truly been humble, not thinking of themselves but sacrificing much to assure that the rest of us will experience a great day. Now it is our turn to demonstrate our charity and show them our gratitude by assisting in any way we can. Whether it means preparing a food item or donating some supplies or helping out that day with a half-hour or an hour of service; we have the opportunity to respond to Jesus teaching and make that day a joyful, heaven-like experience. There are some people among us young and old - who may be less fortunate or lonely or stressed and come to our Parish Festival and find real community and a chance to relax and have fun! Giving of our time, talent or treasure in supporting our Festival connects directly with being a Disciple and bearing much fruit! Peace, Nick Parish Festival Come join us rain or shine for a wonderful day of celebration with our Parish Family. It is a nice family day and we invite all. If you would like to volunteer, here is the link to Sign Up: Feel free to call or with any questions Things we need Sue Decker Festival Volunteer Coordinator (call/text) (609) Sternos Aluminum Pans full and half Lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions Cheese Cans of soda Capri Sun or juice boxes Powered lemonade mix or ice tea mix Coffee both regular and decaf, Tea 7 & 9 oz cold cups, coffee cups Dessert plates, large plates, napkins, Salad Bowls mini Moos (individual dairy creamers) Jars of Salsa If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office or check out the website. BINGO - Our next Bingo will be Thursday, September 4 th. The doors will be open at 6 p.m. in the St. Nick's school cafeteria. Games will begin at 7 p.m. Cakes and snacks will be available as well as coffee and soda. Homemade cakes, hot dogs etc We are still in need of some help for our Wednesday Adoration. It would be for the slot 11:00 am 12:00 pm. If you can spare an hour or even a half, we would appreciate the help. Please call the parish office.

4 Anuncios Para La Comunidad Hispana Spanish Community News BIENVENIDOS a todos de parte del Párroco Nick Dudo, Rev. Vincent Orum, AJ, Rev. Armando Rodríguez Montoya y todos los miembros de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro OLPH. Iglesia San Nicolás. Gracias por su presencia. NOTICIAS IMPORTANTES: Rectoría: (609) Favor de hacer cheques a Our Lady of Perpetual Help o simplemente: OLPH. 1. ATENCION: Todas las intenciones de misa serán aceptadas por una ofrenda mínima de $15.00 por cada tarjeta. Se pueden echar en la colecta con la información y dinero. Ponerle Mass Card Misa Hispana afuera del sobre. Cheques a nombre de OLPH. Para más información llamen a la rectoría: Recuerden de notar si es para difunto, enfermo, o cumpleaños, NO se permitirán peticiones el mismo día de las misas. Esto lleva todo un proceso. Para las misas de los Domingos y Martes, si tiene alguna intención, favor de enviarla por lo menos 3 semanas de anticipación, para que pueda salir en el boletín. Por favor escriba su numero de teléfono por si acaso necesitan comunicarse con ustedes. Gracias 2. LECTORES Y MINISTROS EXTRAORDINARIOS: NO SE OLVIDEN, las reuniones serán, el tercer martes de mes después de la misa para ambos. Por favor traten de asistir a estas reuniones son bien instructivas. Necesitamos que todos asistan! Si NO pueden leer los días que están asignados o participar en la eucaristía, favor de ver a Yolanda! Es bien importante que todos tengamos comunicación! 3. HORA SANTA: Se celebra en el primer martes de mes después de la misa. 4. BAUTISMO: Todo aquel que este interesado en bautizar, tendremos las clases de catequesis para padres y padrinos el segundo martes de cada mes, comenzando a las 5:30pm y terminando con la Santa misa 5. FESTIVAL: Necesitamos voluntarios para el festival, que se celebrara en Septiembre 18, Por favor comuníquense con Yolanda si estas interesado en darnos una ayudita, ya que se esta acercándose el dia! 6. CLASES: El ministerio del Instituto de Camden esta ofreciendo unas clases por un costo de $60 por 6 Semanas por curso del nivel 1 o $250 por los 5 cursos del mismo nivel. Se ofrecerán en OLPH en Galloway comenzando en Septiembre 8 a las 6:30 a 9:00pm. El primer nivel se trata del Viejo Testamento. Si esta interesado/a por favor comuníquense con Nancy Riddell al , ext BREVE COMENTARIO A LA LITURGIA DE HOY ENALTECIDOS Y HUMILLADOS A quién de nosotros no nos gusta sentirnos importantes? No nos gustaría ser famosos o reconocidos por mucha gente? Qué tal se sentirá ser el centro de admiración de los demás? Esto, sin duda, puede pasar con personajes públicos, como artistas, deportistas, y líderes de muchos ambientes diferentes. Poro cuando se les pone el ojo para admirarlos, también se les pone para criticarlos y exigirles si en algo no quedan bien. Ocupar los primeros sitios es una tentación que debemos saber superar en muchos momentos, pues queremos ser más que los demás; queremos un trato especial, lleno de privilegios. Consideren el mayor privilegio no gozar de privilegio alguno, decía a sus alumnas una maestra religiosa. Acaso no vino Jesús mismo a enseñarnos que él no vino a ser servido, sino a servir? (Mt 20, 28). En este día la lección del evangelio es de humildad: ocupar los últimos puestos cuando te inviten a una fiesta. Pues hay personas virtuosas humildes y personas virtuosas soberbias. Los soberbios no podrán participar del reino de Dios. San Agustín dice: " Por qué buscas, con ansias de destacar, ese lugar elevado que mejor puedes alcanzar manteniéndote en humildad? Si te elevas, Dios te baja; si tú te bajas Dios te eleva." Es necesario saber distinguir entre la verdadera humildad y la falsa modestia, porque el humilde se conoce a sí mismo en sus límites, y cuando tiene que reconocerlo lo reconoce. La falsa modestia es enemiga de la humildad; consiste, de hecho, en un intento de engañar a otras personas, haciéndoles creer que somos unos inútiles, al mismo tiempo que demostramos destreza, para ser admirados y reconocidos. La verdadera humildad ayuda a vivir en la esperanza y la alegría, puesto que hace posible sentirse amado por Dios. Hace que descubramos que Dios nos ama sin importar que seamos muy buenos o muy santos, o sabios. Humildad es poner nuestras dos únicas y pequeñas moneditas, a la disposición del Reino de Dios (Aunque habrá quien puede dar mucho más que dos moneditas). Mucho pecaría el que teniendo mucho no quisiera dar ese mucho, por el temor de quedarse vacío; pero también pecaría el que teniendo solamente dos moneditas dijera: solamente daré dos moneditas, porque aunque tengo más no quiero quedarme sin nada. Meditemos y valoremos esta hermosa virtud de la humildad

5 DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO The Basilica of the National Shrine WASHINGTON DC Hurry and get your seat! Our Lady of Perpetual is running a bus trip to the Basilica, Washington DC and would like to invite parishioners here and our nearby parishes to join us. The trip is Saturday, October 1st and the cost is $40 per person. The theme for this pilgrimage is Mary, Mother of Mercy. Bus will leave the Assumption Church parking lot (Galloway) at 6:30 am and making a stop at St. Nicholas, Egg Harbor to pick up. To learn more go to our website OLPHparish-nj.org or pick up a flyer in the back of the church. You can also call the parish office at SHOPPING PASSES TO Boscov s 25% OFF! The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is selling these passes for $5. The "Friends Helping Friends" Shopping Pass can be used at any Boscov's location in NJ, PA, or MD. 100% of the proceeds will come back to SVDP to help in our mission work. Passes can be purchased through Judy Ferriero at (pick-up or delivery is available), through the parish office or at our Parish Festival on Sunday, September 18th. Thank you for your continue support of SVDP Society. Shopping day is Tuesday, October 18 th. FOOD HELP NEEDED FOR ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY - Due to the overwhelming need of donations, we are requesting some help in filling our pantry with certain needs: Canned vegetables, soups, beans, mac & cheese, rice and crackers are presently needed. Items can be dropped off at the church or to the parish office. Please know we appreciate all the help that so many of our parishioners give when we put out the call. Otherwise, we could not be doing this needed work for the people. TIME IS RUNNING OUT! If you are interested in class to become a Lector or Extraordinary Minister of Communion, next week is the last week to sign up for the Assumption School location. Class will be held on Saturday, September 10 th from 9:00 t 3:00 pm. If you are interested but can t make this date, other classes are being held at different locations in the diocese. Please call the parish office for additional information. Anniversary Wishes go out to: Frank & Sue Squillante Celebrating 65 years of marriage May God continue to bless you with many more years of health and happiness! Exciting New Program AT OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP, GALLOWAY! Starting Thursday, September 8, 2016, the Church Ministry Institute of Camden (CMIC) is happy to launch a series of courses on basic theology at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Galloway. The first course will be Old Testament. Subsequent courses, taught by a variety of Masters level instructors, will include Scripture, Morality, Ministry Skills, Catholic Social Teaching, Lay Ministry, Church History, Eucharist, and much more. These courses are excellent for adults seeking to learn about their faith as well as for catechists and parish ministers seeking certificates. There are no tests or term papers only great information! Each course runs six Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and will be held in the Media Center at the Assumption Regional Catholic School. Cost per course is $60 or $250 pre-paid for five courses. Catechists or for those who will are willing to volunteer as a catechist the parish will contribute half of the tuition of $ After completion of one level (5 courses) tuition paid by the participant will be reimbursed. For more information and to register, contact JoLynn Krempecki, Director of Lay Ministry Formation, at or OR Nancy Riddell at our parish office, , ext 208. ITALIAN FESTIVAL Sponsored by Knights of Columbus Villa Marie Council #6342 WHEN: September 24, 2016 Rain Date: September 25, 2016 TIME: 10:00 AM 5:00 PM WHERE: Historic Smithville Village Greene, Smithville, NJ Come and enjoy a taste of Italy Italian live music Enjoy delicious Italian Food and Delectable Desserts Wine Tasting Vendors American and Italian beer on tap. Italian Folk dancing Children s activities Vendor Market Super 50/50 Free Bocce Ball (must register in advance) Open to the public Admission and parking are free. BUS TRIP The National Shrine of Elizabeth Ann Seton, Emmitsburg, Md. Is being sponsored by St. Eliz Ann Seton, Absecon. The trip will take place on Wednesday October 12 th thru Thursday, October 13 th. For further information call Carol at

6 September EVENTS, 2016 The month of Our Lady of Sorrows SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SEP Assumption Church (A) St. Nicholas (SN) St. Nicholas Rectory (SNR) Parish Office (PO) Assumption Chapel (AC) St. Nicholas Café (SNS) Assumption School (ARCS) Don t forget the annual Parish Festival, September 18! Sign up to help out at For more up-to-date listings, check the online calendar at 7pm BINGO (SNS) DOORS OPEN AT 6:00 PM 7pm Monthly Rosary (AC) Labor Day Office Closed 7am Mass (SN) 8am Mass (A) 10 am Decorate (SN) 10am Haitian Prayer Grp (A) 10am Women's Faith Sharing (PO) 6pm SVDP Mtg. (PO) 6:30pm RCIA 6:30pm Spanish Mass (SN) 7pm Emmaus Men's Grp (AC) 8:30am Adoration (AC) 6pm Benediction (AC) 6:15pm Scripture (AC) 6:30pm RCIA Team Mtg 7pm Hospitality (PO) 7:15pm Prayer Mtg (AC) 6:30pm Hispanic Choir (SN) 6:30pm Liturgy Mtg (PO) 7pm Women Emmaus Grp (AC) Religious Ed Starts 7pm Baptism Workshop (PO) 7pm Prayer Group (SNR) 10am Haitian Prayer Grp (A) 10am Women's Faith Sharing (PO) 6:30pm RCIA 6:30pm Spanish Mass (SN) 7pm Altar & Rosary Society (SNR) 7pm Emmaus Men's Grp (AC) 8:30am Adoration (AC) 6pm Benediction (AC) 6:15pm Scripture (AC) 6:30pm Hispanic Choir (SN) 7pm Communication (PO) 7:15pm Prayer Mtg (AC) 6:30pm Finance Meeting (PO) RCIA - OLPH Parish Office 1 4pm Parish Festival (SN) Grounds 7pm Prayer Group (SNR) 7:30pm St. C. Sienna Grp (AC) 10am Haitian Prayer Grp (A) 10am Women's Faith Sharing (PO) 6:30pm RCIA 6:30pm Spanish Mass (SN) 7pm Emmaus Men's Grp (AC) 8:30am Adoration (AC) 6pm Benediction (AC) 6:15pm Scripture (AC) 6:30pm Stephen Ministry (A) 6:30pm Evang. Mtg (PO) 7pm Choir Practice (SN) 7:15pm Prayer Mtg (AC) 6:30pm Hispanic Choir (SN) Retreat Women's Emmaus, 9-23 to OCT 1 RCIA - OLPH Parish Office 12pm Baptisms (A) 7pm Youth Grp Kickoff (ARCS) 6:30pm Pastoral Council (SN) 7pm Prayer Group (SNR) 10am Haitian Prayer Grp (A) 10am Women's Faith Sharing (PO) 6:30pm RCIA 6:30pm Spanish Mass (SN) 7pm Emmaus Men's Grp (AC) 7pm VIP's (A) 8:30am Adoration (AC) 6pm Benediction (AC) 6:15pm Scripture (AC) 6:30pm Hispanic Choir (SN) 7pm Choir Practice (A) 7pm Environment Meeting (A) 8am Communion Serv (SN) 9am 1st Sat. Mass (A) 9:30am Haitian C&A Choir (AC) 3pm Confessions (A) 3:30pm Confessions (SN) 9am Diocese Liturgy Class (A) 9:30am Haitian C&A Choir (AC) 10am Decorate Church (SN) 3pm Confessions (A) 3:30pm Confessions (SN) 9:30am Haitian C&A Choir (AC) 10 am Decorate (SN) 3pm Confessions (A) 3:30pm Confessions (SN) 9am Gen Meeting Altar Serve/Parents (A) 9:30am Haitian C&A Choir (AC) 10am Decorate Church (SN) 3pm Confessions (A) 3:30pm Confessions (SN) Washington Trip To the Basilica

7 BUTTERHOF S FARM & HOME SUPPLY LIVESTOCK FEEDS & SUPPLIES DOG & CAT FOOD SUPPLIES LAWN & GARDEN SUPPLIES ECHO POWER EQUIPMENT WHITE HORSE PIKE Diversified Realty 28 S. New York Rd., Galloway OPEN 7 DAYS Our family proudly serving Absecon, Galloway and the surrounding communities for over 100 years. Guaranteed Pre-arrangement Plans Available Steven Matis, Mgr. N.J. Lic. No Coming in August 6 Weeks Karate $69 with Uniform 626 S New York Rd Galloway LIST & SAVE THOUSANDS IN COMMISSION!! 2% Quality Professional & Full Service BHHSDIVERSIFIED.COM PARSELS Funeral Home 324 NEW JERSEY AVENUE ABSECON, NJ (609) parselsfuneralhome.com Harold Turner Galloway 2015 Allstate Insurance Co THE SMITHVILLE INN SUNDAY BRUNCH 10:00 am - 1:30 pm LUNCH & DINNER SERVED DAILY Located Within The Smithville Village. 60 Shops & 7 Eateries Something For the Whole Family Rt. 9 & Moss Mill Rd., Smithville, NJ State Farm Providing Insurance and Financial Services Denise Irvin, Agent Bus Fax Hour Good Neighbor Service Risley Square Leeds Point Shoppes Local Delivery Available...and Wonderful... Chocolates Shipping Available THE VILLAGE GREENE STORE MOSS MILL ROAD SMITHVILLE, NJ We Have It ALL! HARDWOOD CERAMIC LAMINATE CARPET KITCHEN CABINETS GRANITE HUNTER DOUGLAS BLINDS BACKSPLASHES VCT LVT STONE VANITIES 3339 S. WHITE HORSE PIKE HAMMONTON, NJ FREE ESTIMATES SHOP AT HOME SERVICE emmonsconst.com Licensed & Insured $500 OFF C40235 (JR) - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Galloway ATTIC INSULATION SPECIAL coupon for jobs over $5,000 coupon must be present at time of purchase - not valid with other offers or prior sales expires 03/31/16 Keith Emmons, Owner NJ#13VH PA#PA DE# HOMEMADE ICE CREAM & WATER ICE We Make It All Right Here Mom & Pop Shop Our 25 th Year Ice Cream Cakes Pizza & Cupcakes No Fat Yogurt Pies Fresh Baked Belgian Waffles JIMMIE LEEDS & PITNEY ROADS GALLOWAY Now with 2 Locations to serve you better SARACENO FUNERAL HOME 1114 White Horse Pike Egg Harbor City, NJ LOWENSTEIN-SARACENO FUNERAL HOME 58 S. New York Road Galloway, NJ Claudia P. Saraceno, Manager...N.J. Lic. # 4701 John A. Saraceno, Director...N.J. Lic. # 4713 When honesty, trust, compassion and price matters most. Pre-Arrangement Counseling No matter what your choice is Burial or Cremation, we can help make a difficult time easier. We serve all faiths. Family owned and operated. O.L.P.H. Parish Member Timothy McGowan, B.S.B.M. McGowan Landscaping 303 2nd Avenue Egg Harbor Township, NJ FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CALL: (800) BON VENTURE SERVICES, LLC P.O. Box 850, Flanders, N.J inside

8 PICK-UPS DELIVERY OPEN 7 DAYS 11 AM-8 PM 742 Ohio Ave ASUNCION FAMILY DENTAL Andrew P. Asuncion DMD Jill Longo Asuncion RDH 76 West Jimmie Leeds Road Suite 101 Galloway, NJ (609) WE SELL OIL & PROPANE SENN OIL CO. We Install & Service Heating & Air Oil & Gas SELF SERVE FROZEN YOGURT Reopening in March WE DO PARTIES, FUNDRAISERS & MORE! 167 S. NEW YORK RD. / RTE. 9 / GALLOWAY ASE Certified GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Fully Insured SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS & ELECTRICAL AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING STATE EMISSION REPAIR FACILITY JOSEPH M. TRAMA (609) Patrick Einwechter CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. New Home Builder Additions Remodeling Home Repair (609) John J. Keating D.M.D. PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Specialty Lic.# New Jersey Avenue Absecon IdaAlice Thrift Store Smithville Square 45 So. New York Road Smithville NJ A Trusted Name in Funeral Care for Three Generations HASLETT CHIROPRACTIC CENTER From Pain Relief to Wellness Care Back, Neck & Headache Relief Non-Surgical Back Care Auto Work Injuries Evening & Saturday Available Galloway * Between Pitney Rd. & Rt E. JIMMIE LEEDS RD., ABSECON 1000 Boardwalk at Taj Mahal SUBS Mississippi & Arctic Avenue Atlantic City / Pick Up Adams-Perfect Funeral Homes, Inc New Road, Northfield, NJ North Second Street, Pleasantville, NJ A Family Business That Cares Serving all of Atlantic County Francis D. Perfect (609) David N. Blyler, Jr., Mgr. Founder NJ Lic. No Buyers Sellers Renters DENNIS CONNELLY Realtor Associate 1 N. NEW YORK RD. GALLOWAY RELOCATING TO HARBOR PLAZA (NEAR INCOLLINGO S) Same Name, Same Service Extended Menu WAFFLE HUT (609) WE DELIVER BRIAN K. DALY, MGR. NJ LIC. NO WHITE HORSE Auto Repair 24/7 TOWING AUTO & TRUCK SERVICE W. White Horse Pk., Egg Harbor City BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER Galloway Diner 245 W. White Horse Pike Galloway ATLANTIC COUNTY CREMATION SERVICE We Come To You Personal Arrangements may be made in the comfort of your home MAIN OFFICE 206 LACEY RD FORKED RIVER, NJ RICHARD M. POLHEMUS Owner/Manager NJ Lic. No Main Street West Creek NJ *Convenient In-Home Appointments* Memorial Services Advance Planning C40235 (JR) - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Galloway Mark A. Conover, PLS, PP, President R.W. BROWN LANDSCAPING CO., LLC DESIGN & BUILD FIRM est (609) Galloway Township, NJ FUNERAL HOME Locally Owned & Operated 211 E. Great Creek Rd. Galloway Township Family Parish Member Lloyd A. Wimberg, Manager, N.J. Lic. No Diane Rhea-Collins, Funeral Director, N.J. Lic. No Liverpool Ave. Egg Harbor City FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CALL: (800) BON VENTURE SERVICES, LLC P.O. Box 850, Flanders, N.J outside

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